Single Pile Press

Originating from Japan, hydraulic pushing of piles has brought noise and vibration to minimal levels (less than bored piles and diaphragm walls). They can walk on the top of driven piles and hence drive in restricted access areas which were previously impossible. Where driving is very difficult they can attach a pre-bore auger to disturb the ground ahead of the toe. Sometimes high pressure jetting is required which can have a negative connotation although has been very successful.

Multi Pile Press

Mounted on leader rig this system combines the advantages of minimised noise and vibration with the advantages of panel driving, which tends to give a more accurate finished structure. The ram capacity of these machines tends to be the highest up to 200t and this maximises production rates. The modular nature of the sub-assemblies means that different types of pile can easily be accommodated. This technique allows piles to be left high if obstructions are encountered and the rig can then return to them and reaction fames are not required to commence piling. Read about Vibratory Piling Equipment

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