The most common uses for steel sheet piling is for the construction of


Sheet piling is an ideal material for basements as minimal site width is lost maximising useable space. Piles can also be driven rapidly in the majority of soil types and are capable of being loaded immediately, which is a distinct advantage in fast-track construction projects.

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Bearing Piles

Steel bearing piles can take the form of tubes or box sections made up from readily available Z or U sections and can dramatically decrease the construction programme as once installed they can be loaded immediately. They also have the added advantage of good sustainability credentials (piles can be extracted after use and reused) and due to the method of installation each pile is effectively load tested giving confidence in the underlying ground conditions.

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Retaining Walls

Continuous retaining walls can quickly be constructed using steel sheet pies, either for permanent or temporary applications. The walls are most often used to retain either soil or water by transferring pressure from the high side of the wall to the soil in front of the wall. Use of king piles can also enable the wall to take high vertical loads as often used for quay walls.

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